Modern Slavery – Risk Assessment

According to there are more than an estimated 40 million people who are trapped in Modern Slavery worldwide.

In Australia the Modern Slavery Legislation was enacted in 2019 and there are now strict laws in place that require certain businesses to comply with mandatory Modern Slavery reporting requirements.

Over the past year we have helped a number of Australian businesses navigate this new legislation. Our work has helped them identify risks, develop operational changes to how their supply chain is managed and all whilst bringing together their relevant teams and suppliers as part of the process.

Beyond a traditional risk management and legal compliance view, we believe it is important we help organisations have processes in place for when there is an instance of Modern Slavery.  This includes establishing networks with relevant NGOs who are able to manage those cases effectively and independently.

Our team brings together leaders across modern slavery, corporate responsibility and supply chain improvement. We are able to identify and address modern slavery risks from the boardroom to the factory floor.

To find out more about how we can help you, download our latest Modern Slavery Risk Assessment Case Study. .


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