4 tips to help you make great videos


Video is the perfect format for training and how-tos because you can both show and tell your teams exactly what they need to know. We’ve put together four tips to help you make compelling and effective video content.

1. Choose your video team wisely

I often recommend including staff on your production team who either have experience in video creation or enjoy it as a hobby. Just having one person with some expertise even if it’s very basic, will really help make your video content and the entire process a whole lot better. There are so many great free resources, like YouTube, that give loads of good advice on how to shoot video. I would encourage your team to check out ‘how to’ videos for the specific type of content that you want to produce. Filmmakers and videographers are very generous in sharing their tips and tricks that can make the world of difference and the editor will thank you.

Also presenting to camera is a skill so I always suggest having a few people in mind to include as talent. This is where having an experienced videographer comes in handy as they know how to get the best out of talent to ensure authenticity and avoid the high cringe factor.

2. Take the time to create a Storyboard

I always say that the shorter the better with video, so taking the time to do a storyboard means that you will prioritise your content and create videos that are more impactful. It s also an important element for filming and the editing process. Storyboards don t need to be in-depth, just a general idea of how you want the video to flow will help you with any script-writing and required visuals as well as save you time and money.

3. Focus on Audio Quality

The number one tip I would give is to focus on the quality of your audio. This means testing your tech set-up before recording. Plug n play microphones are a good (inexpensive) piece of equipment that will improve your sound quality considerably, so I often recommend businesses make this investment. If you re filming the videos yourself but working with a production team for the editing you can send a few examples of the audio through to check it’s ok. Getting the audio right will make a huge difference to the effectiveness of your videos, so it’s definitely one of the things to prioritise.

4. It’s all in the Edit

Once you’ve got your content in the can the next way to guarantee a good quality and engaging video is to ensure a good edit. This means stitching everything together in a coherent way and that has a great story arc. Videos that use music and sound in clever ways also help with making the content engaging and memorable. Editing is one of the most time-consuming parts of creating good video content so it’s often the part businesses like to outsource. Look for an editor who has a good breadth of experience and is able to provide creative direction.

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