Case Study

Delivery of Modern Slavery Risk Assessment


Project Trigger: The Global Compliance Team endorsed the delivery of a Modern Slavery Risk Assessment for disclosure to investors, lenders, and other stakeholders.

Our Scope

The scope of the project included:

  • Ensure compliance with modern slavery obligations in accordance with the Company Group Compliance Framework
  • Understand the Company’s exposure to modern slavery risk and, mitigate and manage that risk’.

Project Outcomes

The project was successfully delivered on scope, on time and under budget, concluding with the Board sign-off. The deliverables included:

  • Modern slavery risk model that assessed over 30,000 suppliers across 30 plus countries.
  • Document review with recommendations on relevant internal policy documents
  • Supplier management processes and templates.

Our Value

Beyond the successful delivery of the Risk Assessment Document, Active Directions was able to also provide value through, providing ad-hoc advice to the client as required and facilitate introductions to our network so the client may expand its network including:

  • Hagar International regarding its referral pathways and potential corporate programs;
  • FRDM (formerly Made in A Free World) as a potential software application to help the organisation detect human rights issues.

Our 3 Top Tips

Clients that propose a Modern Slavery risk Assessment should:​

  • Understand their exposure to modern slavery risk at multiple levels.​
  • Understand their compliance and regulatory requirements. ​
  • Provide clear policy, procedures and processes for their business, supported by communications and education activities for staff and suppliers.