Case Study

Development of a HR Management Plan​


Client: A not for profit community legal centre committed to providing free legal services and continuing legal education to the community. ​


Develop a HR Plan and Volunteer Management Plan to help improve team performance, engagement and culture moving forward and improve the way the Centre operates, serves clients, and attracts and retains quality staff and volunteers.​

Project Trigger

Following on from high-level review undertaken by Active Directions to understand how the Centre currently operates from a human resources standpoint and to review all job descriptions and key performance indicators.

​Our Scope​

  • Develop a HR Plan and Volunteer Management Plan to provide clarity for how staff are hired, onboarded, and managed to help improve performance, engagement, retention and the culture within the Centre.

Project Outcomes​

  • Provided a HR Plan which included a definition of HRs purpose and alignment to strategy.​
  • Conducted a SWOT analysis for each element of the HR Function.​
  • Developed a Code of Conduct and Staff Induction Kits​
  • Conducted a Pulse Survey to be rolled out quarterly ​
  • Updated job descriptions for staff and volunteers including KPIs that were clear and measurable.​
  • Provided a Volunteer Management Plan and supporting policies.​

Our Value​

Active Directions HR and Volunteer Plan enabled the Centre to identify and implement fit for purpose improvement opportunities in the form of quick wins, mid term and longer-term initiatives and to gain valuable insights to the Centre’s Culture.

Top 3 Tips​

Clients that require a HR Plan should:​

  • Understand the purpose of the HR Function and how it supports the organisations strategy. ​
  • Provide clear job descriptions and measurable KPIs.​
  • Understand clearly their workplace cultures, continually communicate to the staff and celebrate small milestones along on the way.