Case Study

Develop a Strategy and Program Plan​


Client: A unique collaboration between 4 community legal centre that deliver employment law advice, casework, community legal education and law reform to migrant and temporary visa holders in NSW.

Project: Develop a strategy and program plan to ensure the long-term viability of the program

Project Trigger: Following on from a Project Performance Evaluation Assessment carried out by Active Directions, a high-level strategic plan was needed to be developed to support the program.

Our Scope

  • Develop a high-level strategy and program plan to support the program management, gain agreement from all CLCs and build cohesion at the Steering Committee (SteerCo) level. 

Project Outcomes

Facilitated strategic workshops with program participants and members of the SteerCo to achieve the following:

  • Identified the gaps and the new strategic options (for 2021/22 and beyond)
  • Defined the purpose, values, vision and mission
  • Agreed which initiatives were in or out for 2021/22
  • Decided on the structure, roles and responsibilities 
  • Determined the collaboration objectives for the CLCs
  • Developed a Program Management Plan

Our Value

  • Active Directions strategy and program planning workshops enabled the SteerCo to make fundamental decisions on the future strategies of the project and to ensure that the SteerCo functions effectively for the remainder of the program.  

Top 3 Tips

Clients that require a strategic plan should:

  • Understand their purpose, values, vision and mission.
  • Provide reporting lines with clearly defined roles and responsibilities.
  • Set clear performance targets and KPIs for the project and staff to be measured against.