Case Study

ePMO Effectiveness​


Client: A British-based multinational global provider of solutions and ingredients for food, beverage and industrial markets. ​

Project: To set-up an enterprise-wide program and portfolio management office (ePMO)

Project Trigger: This multinational global provider changed their full business model from a commodity business to a speciality food ingredient business. This required realignment of all their strategic and high-value project initiatives to the overall business strategy. 

Our Scope

To set-up an enterprise-wide program and portfolio management office which ensured the following:   

  • Cross-functional and organizational collaboration and alignment of all strategic project initiatives. 
  • Project initiatives were future-proof and fuelled through innovative solution management. 
  • Project delivery and benefits realisation.  

Project Outcomes

  • The ePMO transitioned into global delivery vehicle for various projects such as:  IT, Finance, Supply Chain, HR and Manufacturing with a total budget of more than £20Mln. 
  • Delivering more than 20+ high-impact projects and programs which enabled the business strategy to be effective earlier. 

Our Value

The ePMO model delivered the following high-impact benefits:   

  • Creation of a single Governance, risk and compliance model for different project levels 
  • Introducing fit-for-purpose project management methodologies that fits the delivery and the project types. 
  • Ensuring visibility across dependent projects to remove blockages. 
  • Introducing global “behavioural” initiatives.

Top 3 Tips

Clients that propose to set up a ePMO  should:

  • Build the PMO to fit the company culture and set rules and expectations for the project team.
  • Determine and communicate key performance indicators for measuring the project’s performance.
  • Have an agreed plan, roadmap and a clear approach to change management.