Case Study

Matter Management Process Audit​


Client: A specialist insolvency and business recovery practice offering expert insolvency and turnaround management services across Australia.


To assess the Shared Services Hub (SSH) Maturity Level and suggest improvements. ​

Project Trigger

Following on from a previous review conducted by Active Directions where the opportunity of creating an Insolvency focussed central processing services company for the industry was explored.

Our Scope​

Conduct a comprehensive review and maturity assessment which covers all aspects of the organisations Shared Services Operations.​

​Project Outcomes​

  • Delivered a report providing an objective assessment of the relative maturity of the SSH, using Shared Services best/good practice models, which were compared to the existing and envisage ambition of the organisation.​
  • A series of best practice statements covering all aspects of Shared Services was reviewed and the SSH current and desired future state was independently rated against each one. ​
  • Provided a proposed initiatives based on quick wins, mid-term and long term timing.

Our Values​

  • Active Directions has proposed ongoing support to the organisations SSH in their journey towards a more effective, scalable operating model which further adds value to their internal (and potentially external) customers.​
  • Provided sample on-line dashboards and KPIs to build and measure.

Top 3 Tips​

Clients that propose a matter management process audit should:​

  • Build a strong and knowledgeable team and encourage their team to develop relationships with the customer so that it’s not a “them and us” culture.​
  • Understand clearly at what stage of maturity they are at by assessing where the organisation stands at the moment and then recognising where it wants to be in the future.​
  • Understand their Service Level Agreements, Key Performance Indicators or other operational and performance metrics that support their process effectiveness.