Case Study

New Service Model Investment Case​


Client: A not for profit organisation committed to caring for the community of Sydney by delivering quality cemetery services, facilities and products. ​


To develop an investment case to propose a new burial and cremation service model for the NSW government to regulate to ensure accessibility of funeral services to the whole community including low-income earners

Project Trigger:

NSW Government Funeral sector Reform and IPART Investigation into interment costs and prices under Section 145 of the Cemeteries and Crematoria Act 2013. 

Our Scope

  • Research the opportunity to provide an accessible, low-cost burial option for the community.
  • Develop a service strategy and business model for this option.
  • Ensure that the new service model meets a public purpose, provides value for money, and is unique.

Project Outcomes

  • Developed an investment case for a new service model to be regulated by the NSW Government in alignment with NSW Government’s objectives for accessible funeral services.
  • The proposal offered a new vertically integrated service model, based on the premise that the cemeteries and crematoria industry does not currently provide an accessible low-cost burial option available to all the community.

Our Value

  • Active Directions investment case enabled our client to drive the conversation with the government for a review into the future direction of the funeral sector. 

Top 3 Tips

Clients that propose a new service model should:

  • Understand clearly their business and customer demand for a new model.
  • Understand that the new service model provides a return on investment, is unique and provides value for money.
  • Provide a clear timeline for the roll out of the new service model.