Case Study

Service Pricing Analysis


Client: An organisation that maintains a database of certified suppliers as a subscription service for paying public and commercial sector clients.​

Project Trigger

The organisation had developed a new service that allowed members to integrate the business’ database directly with their procurement software platforms and needed to determine the best pricing strategy.

Our Scope

  • To analyse the business’ current data around members, revenue and searches.
  • To translate the analysis into a pricing strategy for the new service.

Project Outcomes

  • A summary of the analysis including current membership pricing, revenue breakdown, search data by industry and location, and different pricing strategies and methods. 
  • This resulted in final recommendations for a tiered pricing strategy.

Our Value

  • Our pricing analysis provided the client with clear options that would drive sustainable growth and more value for clients.  

Top 3 Tips

Clients that develop a new pricing strategy should:

  • Understand who their members are and conduct research to obtain accurate pricing tiers to fit their business.
  • Understand the value their members expect to receive at each of the pricing tiers and offer multiple pricing tiers for their different member personas.
  • Create the right pricing model and structure to align with their business strategy.