Case Study

Strategy Planning & Financial Modelling


Client: A construction equipment company operating in eight countries in Asia Pacific, North America and Europe.​


Strategy planning, financial modelling to establish five-year revenue and profitability forecasts; building budgets across products, channels and regions in accordance with target.​

Project Trigger

With recent expansion to new regions, shareholders wanted to establish an agreed direction to achieve significant growth over five years with a view to both exit and further investment options.

Our Scope​

To work with management to determine optimal targets for the next five-year revenue and profitability targets, given various avenues for growth and expansion across six countries.​

To develop a five-year strategy for growth, bringing together different regions under a single global plan.

Project Outcomes​

Strategy that focused on scaling up, salesforce performance, and supply chain excellence.​

Strong, agreed on five-year sales and EBITDA targets for each country and globally.​

Agreed plan to target acquisitions to accelerate growth.​

Embedded cycle of delivery, monitor and review in relation to progress against the strategy.

Our Value​

The project gave the company defined five-year financial goals to build their growth strategy around and the ability to track monthly progress towards these goals.​

Through a series of workshops we aligned the Board, management and sales teams in regard to growth targets by region, channel and product category.

Top 3 Tips​

Clients that require strategic planning and financial modelling should:​

  • Gain agreement from shareholders and Board regarding any ultimate big investment or exit events.​
  • Underpin your strategy with business performance and market analysis.​
  • Build momentum across the business by looking at ‘what’s in it for me’ at different levels.