Delivery of Modern Slavery Risk Assessment​


Client:  Multinational Insurance Company operating in approximately 31 countries and employing 14,000 people. ​

Project: Active Directions managed the delivery of the Modern Slavery Risk Assessment. ​

Project Trigger: The Global Compliance Team endorsed the delivery of a Modern Slavery Risk Assessment for disclosure to investors, lenders, and other stakeholders. ​

Our Scope

The scope of the project included: ​

  • Ensure compliance with modern slavery obligations in accordance with the Company Group Compliance Framework​
  • Understand the Company’s exposure to modern slavery risk and, mitigate and manage that risk’. ​

Project Outcomes

The project was successfully delivered on scope, on time and under budget, concluding with the Board sign-off. The deliverables included:

  • Modern slavery risk model that assessed over 30,000 suppliers across 30 plus countries.
  • Document review with recommendations on relevant internal policy documents
  • Supplier management processes and templates.

Our Value

Beyond the successful delivery of the Risk Assessment Document, Active Directions was able to also provide value through, providing ad-hoc advice to the client as required​ and facilitate introductions to our network so the client may expand its network including: ​

  • Hagar International regarding its referral pathways and potential corporate programs;
  • FRDM (formerly Made in A Free World) as a potential software application to help the organisation detect human rights issues. ​

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