Fundraising & Strategy Workshop


Client:  Aboriginal NFP supporting communities through creativity, language, and literacy

Project: Funding and Positioning Workshop

Project Trigger: Active Direction’s Community Capacity Building Project 2019

Our Scope

The project focused on identifying ways to engage stakeholder groups with a view to increasing future funding opportunities and consider how the NFP may strengthen its positioning within the existing Australian NFP market.

Project Outcomes

A series of tactical steps were used to agree actions and next steps to be undertaken by Gunawirra team including:

  • Review of strategic initiatives
  • SWOT Analysis and discussion
  • High-level Stakeholder Review and Needs Analysis
  • Review of the NFP’s Value Proposition as an Aboriginal enterprise
  • Funding Partnerships vs Relationships

Our Value

  • We provided a unique view from outside the business by critically looking at the existing strategic direction and breadth of service provision. In addition, through the experience of our consultants, we provided pragmatic and tactical advice (and templates), focussing on possible corporate partnerships and targeted messaging.  The workshop was designed as a short sharp action-orientated discussion for the team which included Board and management.

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