Global Strategy Alignment

Client: A diversified global portfolio of profit-for-purpose and not-for-profit organisations.  

Project: Developing and facilitating a series of global and regional workshops to align the strategy of the various member organisations, and to facilitate opportunities to collaborate, resolve conflicts. ​

Project Trigger:  A newly established corporate head-office and global strategy highlighted the requirement for regular alignment sessions to promote common goals and practices, and drive forward strategic challenges and opportunities.   

Our Scope​

To work with relevant stakeholders to develop global and regional strategy workshops across global and three major regions, to drive quarterly Sprint Plans, and monitor and report progress to the Global Board.

Project Outcomes

  • Successful workshops prepared and run in Australia, North America, and the United Kingdom. ​
  • Cross-collaboration sessions across management, finance, sales, marketing, IT, HR, and operational teams. ​
  • List of strategic cross-enterprise initiatives. ​
  • Common and agreed utilisation of quarterly Sprint Plans to drive progress and alignment.

Our Value

Active Directions navigated across disparate strategy planning, delivery, and monitoring processes across 10 different organisations to develop a common approach.  We considered the current maturity of all organisations and focused on a pragmatic continuous improvement process that would deliver complete alignment over a number of quarterly planning cycles.

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