HR Review

Client:  Civil Construction Business

Project: Human Resources Review

Project Trigger: This review was undertaken to address the Managing Director’s concerns about the level of engagement and HR support available for company staff

Our Scope

The project focused on reviewing the need for a dedicated Human Resource function to improve staff engagement, retention and performance across the growing business.

Project Outcomes

Following a detailed information gathering process, including an online survey and face to face interviews, the outcome was a series of recommendations including:

  • Resource, cultural and structural changes;
  • Process and system improvements including policies and procedures
  • Initiatives to improve engagement, retention, and performance across the team
  • Career development/training and work environment initiatives

Our Value

As Active Directions had previously delivered a number of projects with the same client, we were trusted as an independent consultant to provide staff with the opportunity to talk openly about HR requirements. This resulted in a series of productive discussions on solutions to challenges and opportunities within the HR function.  The outcome was a series of recommendations that were practical to implement and had the support of those who had to adopt them in their work practices.  Active Directions were able to also support a transition and on-boarding of key new HR and general management personnel.

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