Strategy and Roll-out of Private Equity Fund

Case Study Overview: The client is a global community-led organisation with a strong focus on education, social welfare services and support for local communities, targeting over 20 investments in 5 years. The project engagement length was 9 months.

Project Trigger: As part of a larger investment strategy the client wanted to set up a direct private equity channel.  The intent was to establish a private equity fund to invest and support growth for an investment return.

Scope of work: We developed the strategy and rollout plan, and then implemented a private equity fund that included an operating model for how investments were identified, prioritised, assessed and then managed through to a final return. This process included facilitating and driving the investment process for the first cohort of investments.

Project Outcomes:

  1. Building awareness with investor stakeholders to support the development of a robust and repeatable approach to PE investments.
  2. Developing the operating model including investment criteria that filtered investment opportunities.
  3. Establishing a transparent decision-making process and working closely and collaboratively with investors, Board Members, and Investment Committees.
  4. Developing tools such as online application forms and education forums, and establishing communication channels for investors, business applicants, and stakeholders.

So what was the real value?

Following the implementation of the PE fund Active Directions was able to continue to work alongside the business-as-usual team to ensure the fund operated in line with expectations.  This included conducting assessments on all opportunities to help prioritise and manage the volume of applications.

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