Travel Management Process Improvement

Client: Travel and Event Services Business

Project: Event Management Process Review

Project Trigger: Staff identified a number of significant inefficiencies in the event management process that required manual intervention and were seeking suggestions for improvement to reduce time and effort in executing the process

Our Scope

To review the processes, documentation, and training for the event management process; and to identify improvement opportunities and develop a roadmap to execute those improvements.

Project Outcomes

  • We identified a series of quick wins for immediate implementation so as to start realising the benefits prior to the next major client event.
  • Identification of a series of medium to large improvement opportunities to be implemented over the following 3 to 6 months.

Our Value

We enabled the client’s operational team to improve the event process immediately by executing on the quick wins. Implementing the identified process improvements meant that the Event Management process would be:

  • Robust (responsive to changes)
  • Scalable (can handle global implementation)
  • Efficient (uses less resource time)

The ultimate benefit being less reliance on overtime effort where the staff was working approximately 18-hour days leading up to major events.

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