Investor Readiness

Fundraising & Strategy Workshop


Client:  Aboriginal NFP supporting communities through creativity, language, and literacy Project: Funding and Positioning Workshop Project Trigger: Active Direction’s Community Capacity Building Project 2019 Our Scope The project focused on identifying ways to engage stakeholder groups with a view to increasing future funding opportunities and consider how the NFP may strengthen its positioning within the existing Australian NFP

Delivery of ESG Risk Report

Client: Multinational Insurance Company operating in approximately 35 countries and employing 15,000 people. Project: Active Directions managed the delivery of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures Report (TCFD) Project Trigger: The Global Board endorsed the delivery of the TCFD Report as a voluntary initiative that supports consistent climate-related financial risk disclosures to customers, investors, and shareholders.  

Endowment Fund Development


Client:  A global community with a strong focus on education and welfare. The client operates a number of community schools across 15 countries. ​ Client Size: Over 5,000 different individual and business investors. ​ Project Trigger: Changes in government school funding and changing market conditions in different regions globally required the client to develop an endowment fund that would future-proof school funding. Our

Strategy and Roll-out of Private Equity Fund

Case Study Overview: The client is a global community-led organisation with a strong focus on education, social welfare services and support for local communities, targeting over 20 investments in 5 years. The project engagement length was 9 months.