Operational Improvement

Delivery of Modern Slavery Risk Assessment​


Client:  Multinational Insurance Company operating in approximately 31 countries and employing 14,000 people. ​ Project: Active Directions managed the delivery of the Modern Slavery Risk Assessment. ​ Project Trigger: The Global Compliance Team endorsed the delivery of a Modern Slavery Risk Assessment for disclosure to investors, lenders, and other stakeholders. ​ Our Scope​ The scope of the project included: ​ Ensure compliance with

HR Review

Client:  Civil Construction Business Project: Human Resources Review Project Trigger: This review was undertaken to address the Managing Director’s concerns about the level of engagement and HR support available for company staff Our Scope The project focused on reviewing the need for a dedicated Human Resource function to improve staff engagement, retention and performance across the growing business.

Travel Management Process Improvement

Client: Travel and Event Services Business Project: Event Management Process Review Project Trigger: Staff identified a number of significant inefficiencies in the event management process that required manual intervention and were seeking suggestions for improvement to reduce time and effort in executing the process Our Scope To review the processes, documentation, and training for the event

Performance Management Reporting

Client: A leading premium meats wholesaler & retailer​ Project: Developing a series of performance management dashboards to track performance measures sales, costs, procurement, inventory, production, quality assurance, digital/social media, retail, strategic initiatives, and HR Project Trigger: The client had established a new multi-year strategy and wanted to ensure key performance indicators were being monitored and

Business & Procurement Program Review for Local Government

Client: Procurement organisation for local government and other entities.   ​ Client Size: Organisation supported procurement needs for Councils servicing 1.7 million people ​ Project Trigger: From a competitive viewpoint, there were several procurement aggregators who provided services which supports individual Council procurement needs. With this, our client conducts a business and procurement functional review which aim to show organisation could continue to deliver value to Councils on