Strategy & Growth

Delivery of Modern Slavery Risk Assessment​


Client:  Multinational Insurance Company operating in approximately 31 countries and employing 14,000 people. ​ Project: Active Directions managed the delivery of the Modern Slavery Risk Assessment. ​ Project Trigger: The Global Compliance Team endorsed the delivery of a Modern Slavery Risk Assessment for disclosure to investors, lenders, and other stakeholders. ​ Our Scope​ The scope of the project included: ​ Ensure compliance with

Fundraising & Strategy Workshop


Client:  Aboriginal NFP supporting communities through creativity, language, and literacy Project: Funding and Positioning Workshop Project Trigger: Active Direction’s Community Capacity Building Project 2019 Our Scope The project focused on identifying ways to engage stakeholder groups with a view to increasing future funding opportunities and consider how the NFP may strengthen its positioning within the existing Australian NFP

Strategic Planning for Emergency Services

Client: Global Emergency Services NFP Project: Strategic Plan Project Trigger: The organisation had grown quickly over 100 teams operating across Oceania, North America, United Kingdom, and Europe and a clear strategy was required for all regions, staff and volunteers to support and drive.  Our Scope The objective was to develop an integrated global five-year strategic plan.  Active Directions conducted

Service Pricing Analysis

Client: An organisation that maintains a database of certified suppliers as a subscription service for paying public and commercial sector clients. ​ Project: Analysing existing member composition, sales and search data to determine pricing levels for a new database access subscription service. ​ Project Trigger: The organisation had developed a new service that allowed members

Global Strategy Alignment

Client: A diversified global portfolio of profit-for-purpose and not-for-profit organisations.   Project: Developing and facilitating a series of global and regional workshops to align the strategy of the various member organisations, and to facilitate opportunities to collaborate, resolve conflicts. ​ Project Trigger:  A newly established corporate head-office and global strategy highlighted the requirement for regular alignment