Solve any problem with these five fail-safe steps


1. Identify the REAL problem?

  • Be clear and specific and make sure that all the right people are in the room to help you define the problem correctly.??

2. Understand the problem??

  • It�s?one thing to define a problem?it�s?another to understand it completely.??
  • Use the 5 Whys to help you?get to the root cause of the issue.??
  • Do you have all the information you need to consider every variable? What do you need to fill the gaps???

3. Identify all the possible solutions??

  • List and evaluate every possible solution along with what you think?the outcome?will be for each one and what?it will?take to?execute on them.??
  • Again you need to ask yourself are all the right people in the room to help you get to the right solution???


  • Choose a solution and assign someone to get it done.??

5.?Do and Review??

  • Once?you�ve?chosen your solution?don�t?just set and forget.
  • Evaluate it and?if it?didn�t?work then you need to get back in?the room, ask why?and test a different solution.??
  • If the problem is successfully solved, then you can take those learnings and apply them to other parts of the business.

Following these steps will help you get to a solution quickly and effectively every time.

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