Business Analysis

The 7 Steps of BA Process Framework


At its core a Business Analyst (BA) is the bridge between business ideas (it’s goals and objectives) and business capabilities (how it operates). In this Framework we've identified the seven most important steps for undertaking a successful business analysis.

1. Be oriented

It’s important to clarify scope, requirements, and business objectives as quickly as possible.

2. Identify primary business objectives

Uncover and understand business needs early.

3. Define the scope

Write statement of scope to understand business needs. It s important to confirm the business case to ensure that it makes sense for business to invest in the solution.

4. Formulate your plan

List and define the BA deliverables. Once you’ve identified the stakeholder responsible for each one delegate and create a realistic timeline to achieve your goals.

5. Support technical implementation

Review and test the solution design to ensure it fulfils requirements and look for any other opportunities to meet additional needs as required.

6. Implement the solution

This step ensures the business is prepared to embrace the changes. Train end users to ensure they understand all process and procedural changes. Deliver training with guides.

7. Assess value created by solution

Evaluate the process made against business objectives to see if fulfilled.

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