3 ways video can drive new ways of working


Video is an excellent way of communicating and presenting ideas and information in a compelling format. Over the years, I've worked with a wide cross-section of businesses to help them create videos that have been effectively used throughout many business functions everything from internal processes to customer-facing communications.

There are several reasons why video works so well cross-functionally. Firstly, the beauty of video content is that it can be created and updated quickly and enables businesses to effectively communicate with a large and (now) remote workforce. It's also really engaging and is excellent for getting across complex or dense information in a way that improves comprehension and increases recall. In this article, we're taking a look at the three main ways video content can drive new ways of working.

Improve your Onboarding

Many of our Active Directions clients are consistently hiring new recruits across all business units. I’ve found that one of the best ways to get these new employees up to speed quickly is through a series of short videos. This gives new employees a great introduction to the culture of the company especially if existing staff are given starring roles. You can also clearly demonstrate how all your internal processes work, as well as what expectations you have for your staff in terms of conduct and ways of working.

Because video is a visual format it s a simple but effective way to clearly show how to use your products or services. By using infographics, interactive scenarios and guided demonstrations, you can simplify information and improve information retention. Using video content as part of your employee onboarding gives you consistency and efficiencies of scale by allowing you to reach large and remote audiences who might be in different states or countries, without having to get everyone in the same room. Video content is also easy to turn around quickly so if processes change, new products are launched, or your business goes through a rebrand you re able to manage all of this change with ease.

What’s more, building a digital platform to house all your content means that onboarding is on demand and self-serve, so your staff can always refer to it if they need a refresh or to trouble shoot.

Execute on Strategy

The COVID-19 world has shown us that we need to be versatile in how we collaborate and build-out strategy. Here at Active Directions, we facilitate a lot of strategy workshops both face-to-face and virtually. In both settings we’ve embraced the growing trend that’s seeing video used to not only set the tone for these sessions, but also as a critical component for fostering engagement.

We’ve also found that once new strategic initiatives have been agreed upon and built-out, videos have become an effective way for departments and their teams to take ownership and bring to life these new ideas and vision for their business units.

A new strategy creates opportunities to engage both internally and externally, I think it’s fair to say that a PowerPoint slide deck just doesn’t cut it anymore. By having a multimedia approach to communications, including a dedicated intranet site that combines video content with audio like internal podcasts, means you can clearly articulate the strategic vision and easily get everyone on the same page. It s also worth noting here that having various platforms that use your content in multiple formats increases engagement.

Improve Sales Effectiveness

As your sales plans adjust and your USPs continue to improve, video is a great way to engage, train and execute on new sales strategies. Whether you’re running a new campaign, entering new markets, or introducing new products, video provides an accessible, engaging and accurate view of how sales teams should work with clients.

Another good use of video that improves Sales Effectiveness is in the development and creation of roleplay scenarios. Role-playing is a key part of the sales training process. Showing your sales team how to respond to blockers, how to clearly articulate product or service messaging and what behaviours to avoid in a fun and engaging format helps turn theory into practice. Producing short videos that clearly demonstrate objection handling, product features and benefits along with best practice sales techniques is an excellent way to help your teams prepare for real-world sales calls.

About the Author
Anthony Watson is the Digital Product Expert for Active Directions. He works with clients who want digital products integrated into their operations to optimise efficiencies or achieve specific business goals.

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