Why your engagement strategy is just as crucial as your recruitment drive.   


Over the years, I’ve noticed many companies consistently make the same mistake – focusing solely on recruiting new talent whilst overlooking the retention and engagement of their current staff. So much time and so many resources can often be wasted by either not keeping the current team happy or overlooking things like succession planning and how to improve career pathways and upskilling existing employees.  

I often think this is a direct result of our collective focus on “new-ness” – new projects, new ideas, and new skillsets when it can often be more effective to look at your existing state of play and not re-invent the wheel every time.  

Strong employee engagement can also have a ripple effect on your recruitment – keeping your current workforce happy, motivated and thriving strengthens your employee brand, leads to better candidate referrals and boosts the quality of work.   

I’ve put together four simple steps to help create an effective engagement strategy:  

Step One 

Find out what your people want. It’s all very well coming up with these fantastic ideas. But if they’re not interested, they will not be engaged. Simple. There are lots of great tech tools to help you do this. You can either run a simple survey of your staff via survey monkey or SAAS companies like Culture Amp or Lattice run engagement surveys and performance reviews.   

Step Two  

Put together a program of events, opportunities for upskill and development, value-based employee recognition programs, and celebrating personal and professional milestones. It’s also important to constantly communicate with your staff – let them know what’s happening and why decisions are being made and show them how they can best be supported.  

Step Three 

Consistently ask for feedback – that way, you know what’s working and isn’t. But be aware that engagement is only strengthened if you ask your staff to give you ideas and suggestions of what they want and then deliver on them.   

Step Four 

Build and Repeat. Employee engagement isn’t a one-and-done thing. It’s essential to keep focused and continue to build on your successes.  

How we’re focusing on engagement at Active Directions.  

We’ve created a calendar of events and opportunities for our consultants to meet and build their networks.  

  • Quarterly Networking Drinks at our Bridge Street Office  
  • Upcoming Consultants Breakfast meeting – an opportunity to meet all the consultants within the Active Directions portfolio and hear from HQ about what’s coming up.  
  • Monthly Virtual Meeting to learn about current Active Directions projects, introduce new consultants and share best practices and leading insights.

Delivering opportunities for professional development and specific training  

Building a pipeline of diverse, exciting and high-value project work –that all our consultants and work programmes are tailored appropriately and delivered with a blended team.   

Want to Join the Active Directions Team?  

We are always looking for diverse, motivated and passionate independent management consultants and business analysts in the following fields: strategy, operations, investor readiness and performance analysis and reporting.  

If you want to join a team of independent consultants working collaboratively on impactful high-value work programs, then we want to hear from you.  

Email Leanne O’Brien at our Talent and Engagement Specialist, for a confidential conversation.  

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